Parking & Visiting Instructions

Los Angeles County Office

Entrance and Parking

There is no guest parking, and the parking lot is reserved for employees. Please make use of the available street parking, but pay attention to the signs. Street sweeping takes place every Wednesday, and the parking signs may change, so please double-check that you are following the displayed rules before you park.

Checking In

When you arrive at the office, please let the receptionist on duty know that you have arrived. Please then proceed to check in using the iPad at the kiosk.​


Once your appointment with us is done, you may make your way back to your vehicle. Note that you do not need to inform the receptionist before departing.

Orange County

Entrance and Parking

Please park your vehicle in the visitor parking lot in front of our office building at 3 MacArthur Place, Santa Ana, California 92707. Collect your parking ticket, then proceed to park anywhere in the visitor parking lot. Please keep your parking ticket as you need it to calculate the fee and exit the parking lot. The first 15 mins parking is free. After that, the rate would be $2 per hour and $15 per day.  Please note that we do not provide parking validation.

Checking In

After parking your vehicle, enter the lobby and approach security, who will ask about the purpose of this visit. Please inform security that you have an appointment with the Law Offices of Sabrina Li at Suite 760. At this point, security will contact our office to confirm your reservation. Once your appointment is verified, security will help you enter the elevator to the 7th floor. After exiting the elevator, please come to our office in suite 760. Approach the front desk or any available staff and ask to be directed to the person with whom you have an appointment.


Note that you don’t need security assistance when leaving the premises. When departing, please insert your parking ticket into the machine on your left-hand side and then follow the instructions to pay the fee. If you need help, please press the call button.

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