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Our team possesses a wide range of expertise in all areas of immigration law, and we pride ourselves on our ability to navigate even the most complex cases with precision and tenacity. We understand that immigration issues often intersect with other legal disciplines such as business, family, and criminal law. As such, our comprehensive approach ensures that we are fully equipped to handle these overlapping areas and provide our clients with the most proficient support possible.

We take a holistic approach to Immigration Law

We recognize that in order to successfully help our clients with achieving their American Dreams, we also need to have strong expertise in surrounding areas of law. We pride ourselves in understanding what drives our clients to pursue immigration and with that knowledge help them build strong cases for success.

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Waivers and Inadmissibility Resolution

We assist clients in obtaining necessary waivers, such as the I-212, I-601, I-612, I-192, and I-601A, to overcome grounds of inadmissibility due to unlawful presence, criminal convictions, fraud/material misrepresentation, prior removals, CCP membership, or other potential obstacles to obtaining lawful status.

Complex F-1 Status-Related Issues

We specialize in addressing issues such as reinstatement, OPT/STEM OPT denials, Day-1 CPT, and student visa abuser, ensuring our clients maintain compliance with F-1 regulations. Furthermore, our firm has successfully represented numerous clients connected to "Pay to Stay" fraudulent activities, such as Findream, Sinocontech, Prodee University, Walter Jay M.D. Institute, Likie Fashion and Technology College, and other related cases.

Handling Denials and RFE/NOID

Our firm specializes in assisting clients facing potential or existing denials in their immigration cases. We provide support and guidance in responding to Requests for Evidence (RFEs) and Notices of Intent to Deny (NOIDs), filing motions to reopen or reconsider for denials, addressing visa refusals, and rectifying past mistakes through submitting nunc pro tunc requests. We have stepped in to advocate for clients when their cases are in dire situations, utilizing our experience and skills to achieve their immigration goals.

Humanitarian Relief Applications

We offer comprehensive humanitarian relief services, including assistance with asylum and withholding of removal, U visas for crime victims, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) for eligible minors, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), T visas for human trafficking victims, VAWA petitions for domestic violence victims, and support with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) applications. We strive to guide clients through these complex processes and help them secure the protection and relief they need in the United States. 

Removal Defense

We defend our clients in court and handle asylum defense, adjustment of status, cancellation of removal for LPRs and non-LPRs, prosecutorial discretion requests, motions to reopen, motions to reconsider, I-751 joint and self-petitions, bond hearings, waivers of inadmissibilities, our primary objective is to deliver expert legal representation, aiding clients in navigating the intricate removal process while safeguarding their rights within the U.S. immigration system.

Employment-Based Immigration and Investment Visas

This category encompasses both temporary and permanent employment-based immigration solutions. We assist clients with various work-related visa categories, including H-1B, L-1, O-1, P-1, TN, and R visas, as well as PERM Labor Certification and I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers (EB-2/3/4). We also handle EB-1A, EB-1C, and National Interest Waiver applications. Additionally, we provide guidance on EB-5 investor visas and E-2 treaty investor visas for entrepreneurs and investors looking to start or expand businesses in the United States. 

Family-Based Immigration and Naturalization

Our firm guides clients through family unification by assisting with spousal, fiancé(e), and child petitions, as well as adjustment of status for family members of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents. We support clients in the naturalization process, including U.S. citizenship applications, derivative citizenship claims, and complex citizenship matters. We handle N-336 cases, which involve challenging naturalization denials, address citizenship eligibility concerns due to criminal history, resolve continuous residence issues, clarify alleged unlawful LPR approvals, and assist with renunciation when required.

Immigration Appeals and Federal Litigation

We represent clients in appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO), and in federal courts for cases that involve immigration-related matters. We handle habeas corpus petitions, mandamus actions, and judicial reviews of agency decisions. With experience in presenting appeals before the 6th and 9th Circuit Courts, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of representation throughout the appeals process.

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Holistic Approach

Our attorneys possess diverse immigration experience and have an in-depth understanding of the complex interplay between various immigration laws, policies, and regulations, ensuring accurate and comprehensive guidance. We offer a full range of immigration services, addressing all aspects of your case while identifying potential opportunities and challenges.

Personalized Attention

We provide a tailored approach to each client's case, ensuring that you receive individualized attention and a customized strategy for your unique situation. We adjust our strategy as your needs or circumstances change, guaranteeing a seamless transition between different phases of your immigration journey.

Passion and Commitment

Our team is composed of immigrant and first-generation American professionals, along with individuals from various cultural backgrounds. Many of us have firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced during the immigration process. This allows us to provide guidance and advocacy rooted in authentic understanding.