Yi Han
Client Relations and Marketing Coordinator

Yi Han is currently the Client Relations and Marketing Coordinator at the Law Offices of Sabrina Li. Originally from Nanjing, China, Yi has embraced the dynamic cultural tapestry of the United States, spending transformative years in Michigan where she earned her Bachelor's degree in English Literature and TESOL from Michigan State University. Her educational journey continued as she acquired a Master of Arts from the University of Southern California and an MBA in Executive Management from the California Institute of Advanced Management.

Before joining the Law Offices of Sabrina Li, Yi honed her expertise in technology integration and sustainable living as a Project Manager, where she led the development of innovative eco-friendly living spaces. She also spearheaded global marketing efforts and made significant inroads in the competitive sectors of the entertainment and educational industries. Her exceptional leadership skills were further demonstrated during her tenure as a Center Director and College Consultant, where she significantly improved her center's professional and academic performance.

An aficionado of modern culture and a fan of hip-hop and rap, Yi's personal and professional life blend seamlessly, reflecting her passion for engaging storytelling, fashion, and the integration of business acumen with cultural expression. Beyond the office, Yi finds solace and inspiration in nature, particularly the tranquil beaches and islands. In her role as Client Relations and Marketing Coordinator, Yi applies her diverse skills to enhance client engagement and tailor marketing strategies that align with the dynamic needs of the Law Offices of Sabrina Li. Her ability to weave cultural insights and her love for the natural world into client interactions enriches the firm’s client relations and drives innovative marketing solutions.