Winnie Lu
Paralegal Lead

Winnie Lu is the Paralegal Lead at the esteemed Law Offices of Sabrina Li, specializing in various types of family-based immigration, employment-based immigration, and immigration court cases. Winnie's expertise lies in her exceptional organizational skills, as she excels at arranging chaotic documents into a systematic order. Whether it's thousands of files, Winnie effortlessly transforms them into a well-structured and orderly format. Consequently, upon joining the Law Offices of Sabrina Li, Winnie was specifically trained to assist clients in examining evidence, preparing testimonies, and providing immigration court training. With her diligent, meticulous, and responsible approach to every court case, Winnie has achieved a successful outcome for each case assigned by the attorneys. Clients consistently praise Winnie for her outstanding performance.

Prior to joining the Law Offices of Sabrina Li, Winnie established a solid foundation in law. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Law from China and later earned a Master's degree in Law from Washington University in St. Louis. Since childhood, Winnie has always been honorable and aspired to use the law to defend those in need. Therefore, she set her sights on a career in this field and has steadfastly pursued her goals without wavering.

As a first-generation immigrant in her own family, Winnie, along with her spouse, is navigating the path of employment-based immigration using their own professional skills. Because she understands the arduous journey and the value of obtaining legal status, Winnie empathizes with the hardships endured during the waiting process. She is dedicated to utilizing her expertise and professional acumen to efficiently help each client achieve their immigration dreams.