Rachana Patel

Rachana Patel, a skilled paralegal at the Law Offices of Sabrina Li, contributes an impressive 18 years of diverse experience in the field of Employment Business Immigration. Her career is distinguished by a deep-seated commitment to demystifying the complexities of immigration law, a dedication that is evident throughout her extensive professional background.

Prior to her current role, Rachana refined her expertise at various renowned law firms, notably including her time at Fragomen (FDBL) in Chicago. As a Senior Business Immigration Consultant there, she gained profound insights into employment-based immigration issues, skillfully managing data and information. Her responsibilities encompassed crafting strategic approaches to case management, thorough document analysis, and the preparation of petitions and applications, thereby offering crucial assistance in navigating immigration benefits.

Rachana's own experience as an immigrant deeply informs her passion for aiding others in understanding and overcoming the challenges posed by immigration regulations. Her empathetic nature, combined with an acute attention to detail, ensures that her clients receive exceptional support. Additionally, her educational background in Business Administration, with a focus on Finance, and her fluency in Gujarati and Hindi, bring a unique perspective to her work.

Away from her professional duties, Rachana leads an active lifestyle, valuing time with family and friends and engaging in her interests in reading, film, and travel. These activities not only enhance her personal life but also expand her appreciation for diverse cultures, an invaluable quality in her professional pursuits.

At the Law Offices of Sabrina Li, Rachana's comprehensive skills, empathetic approach, and steadfast dedication render her an essential member of the team.