Flora Zhou
Marketing Analyst

At the Law Offices of Sabrina Li, Flora Zhou serves as a Market Analyst with pivotal responsibilities. Her daily tasks include maintaining the firm’s social media platforms, building bridges between the firm and the external community, and promoting the professionalism and mission of Law Offices of Sabrina Li to the public. Flora’s role is instrumental in enhancing the firm’s visibility and engagement with both existing and potential clients, showcasing the firm’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to serving the needs of those seeking immigration assistance.

Flora’s expertise is backed by a solid academic foundation, holding a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from Boston University and a Master's degree in Data Analysis from Northeastern University. This combination of public relations and data analytics equips her with a unique blend of skills, enabling her to craft strategic marketing plans and execute them with precision. Her diverse work experience across industries such as film production, e-commerce, real estate, high-end dining, government, and legal services has enriched her market adaptability, sharp insights, and understanding of consumer psychology, significantly enhancing her capability to translate market analysis into engaging and meaningful marketing initiatives.

Beyond her professional achievements, Flora has a broad spectrum of hobbies that enrich her life and work. Her passion for exploring international cuisines, skiing, engaging in various sports, learning new skills with friends, and appreciating the arts from different cultures speaks to her versatile and inquisitive nature. Flora’s proficiency in cooking, mixology, piano, tarot, and video gaming not only adds depth to her personal life but also complements her professional skills. Her ability to connect with people through these interests fosters meaningful relationships and networks, which are invaluable in her role as a market analyst, enhancing her effectiveness in creating compelling narratives and strategies for the Law Offices of Sabrina Li.