VAWA Applicant Secures Green Card Without Abusive Spouse's Assistance
August 30, 2023

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We will share a successful case about a petition for a green card based on being abused by a spouse.

The client married a US citizen. She had submitted a marriage based green card application. However, before the marriage green card interview, the couple faced marital problems. The US citizen spouse refused to attend the interview with the client. With the help of Law Offices of Sabrina Li, the client submitted the green card application based on being abused by her spouse. After two years, it was approved.

The marriage was not problematic at the beginning. However, issues developed gradually from daily arguments. Whenever the client complained about her husband, he would threaten her with her green card application. The client had to compromise so many times. However, this tolerance did not make the relationship become better. The husband even began to beat the client and and found a mistress. The client did not report to the police because she worried that she could not prove facts of domestic violence just by her own statement.

Domestic violence green card applicants must prove that they are eligible:

  • Bona fide marriage;
  • Living together with a abusive spouse;
  • Good moral character of the applicant;
  • Being beat and abused, or other extreme cruelties.

Many victims of domestic violence dare not report to the police, which causes continuous abuse. In fact, victims in domestic violence should protect their rights by finding a lawyer to obtain legal status.

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