Successful Approval of I-601 Waiver: Overcoming Ongoing CCP Membership
August 30, 2023

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The Law Offices of Sabrina Li are proud to share another successful case resolution involving a unique situation where a client's membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) threatened to hinder her ability to attain permanent U.S. residency.

Our client approached us in a challenging situation; she was married to a U.S. lawful permanent resident (LPR), and a previous law firm had uncovered potential issues with her CCP membership during the process of their marriage-based status adjustment. Aware that her OPT was nearing its expiration, she was understandably anxious about her active CCP membership, despite not having paid dues in several years.

Our team, equipped with a deep understanding and vast experience in such matters, promptly initiated work on her family-based adjustment of status petition. We recognized that the INA §212(a)(3)(D) could make her inadmissible due to her CCP membership, leading us to also file a waiver to address her inadmissibility.

Our comprehensive waiver strategy highlighted her robust family connections within the U.S., underscored her spouse's health issues, and emphasized their thriving careers. Our priority was to address her apprehensions, ensuring she didn't have to relinquish her CCP membership, which could be crucial if she needed to seek employment in China.

We are elated to announce that within a month of filing, her waiver was approved! This success reinforces our commitment to adapt and innovate in response to unique challenges, always striving for the best outcomes for our clients.

At the Law Offices of Sabrina Li, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients’ peace of mind while achieving optimal outcomes. No matter the complexity of the situation, our mission remains clear: to help our clients turn their dreams into reality without having to make unwanted sacrifices.

If you or someone you know finds themselves in a similar predicament, the Law Offices of Sabrina Li are here to provide proficient, compassionate, and tailored legal services. Reach out to us at (213) 375-8096 or Let us stand by your side and guide you through your legal journey.

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