Obtaining Green Card with I-601 Waiver and Overcoming Material Misrepresentation/Fraud Allegations
August 30, 2023

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We would like to share a successful case of our firm with you today. The client reported himself as being married on the DS 160 form when applying for his B1/B2 visa, when he was actually single at the time. The USCIS later issued a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) to the client and his current U.S. citizen wife regarding the marriage-based immigration application.

The client claimed that a Chinese travel agency handled the B1/B2 visa application because he did not understand English. And he was not aware of the mistakes made by the travel agency on the DS 160 form. However, USCIS does not believe his explanation was sufficient. Therefore, USCIS requested the client to supplement related documents within 33 days, or it will deny the adjustment of status application under 212(a)(6)(C)(i) Material Misrepresentation / Fraud.

The client was worried about the risk of being separated from his family if his application was denied. Therefore, he immediately looked for immigration lawyers. The client did a lot of research on many lawyers in Los Angeles, including the Law Offices of Sabrina Li. After the client learned more about our office, he contacted us for a consultation.

When the client told us about his situation, we provided professional advice and recommended solutions, which relieved the client's anxiety and worries. As a result, the client decided to have us handle his case.

Finally, with the efforts of our team, the client's I-601 waiver and I-485 were approved at the same time, and the client successfully obtained his green card.

When looking back, the client realized how delicate the situation was. His case might have been denied again if he did not submit a strong waiver application.

The client appreciated Attorney Li's help. He commented that his life would be disastrous if it were not for our help. With certainty, the client said he would hire our office again if he needs to apply for naturalization or apply for visas for his parents in the future. He will once again entrust his case to the Law Offices of Sabrina Li and her excellent team.

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