I-601 Waiver Gives You a Second Chance: Attempted to Hide Findream Employment Busted!
August 30, 2023

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Law Offices of Sabrina Li won another I-601 approval to help our client get rid of Findream nightmare.

The client came to us seeking legal advice for a Request of Evidence ("RFE") she received for her I-485 application. She and her husband are both software engineers. The husband had an approved I-140, an employment-based immigration petition. When the priority date finally became current, the client, as the derivative beneficiary to her spouse's approved I-140, and her husband filed their I-485 applications seeking to adjust their status to lawful permanent resident ("LPR").

After graduating from her master's program, the client has built up an excellent career path with two reputable companies, which she truthfully reported on her I-485. Yet, she did not disclose an unpaid internship offer from Findream during her OPT. Neither did she disclose this employment during her interview with the USCIS officer. The client did not claim this experience because she did not receive any work assignment during the short three-month employment term.

Shortly after her I-485 interview, USCIS issued a Request for Evidence("RFE"), asking her to provide information and documentary evidence related to her past employment. Based on the information provided, we advised the client that USCIS was looking for more than just employment history and needed a waiver even though the RFE did not specifically charge her with inadmissibility.

Luckily for the client, her husband's I-485 was granted, and he could be the qualifying relative for the client's waiver application. The couple also has a son who was born in the U.S. Although children cannot be qualifying relatives for a fraud-related waiver, USCIS does recognize the importance of family unity and the ability of parents and other caregivers to provide for the well-being of children.

In the I-601 waiver application, our experiencedteam discussed the extremeness of the hardship faced by the qualified relative, taking into consideration the care for their minor son, and argued that all the positive factors outweighed the client's connection to the Findream scam. USCIS approved the client's I-601 waiver application within two months after the filing.Andthe client received her green cardshortly after that.

​If you and anyone you know encounter a similar issue and need professional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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