Fifteen-Year-Old Removal Order: Permission to Reapply Granted!
August 30, 2023

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The Law Offices of Sabrina Li has been successful in assisting another client. We would like to share their case with you.

Our client came to us because he did not know what to do due to his complicated immigration history. He had previously filed an I-485 application to adjust his status as the spouse of a United States citizen. However, his application was denied because he had previously been ordered removed as an “arriving alien.” Our client had attempted to appeal the order of removal, but his appeal had been dismissed. Feeling out of options, our client turned to The Law Offices of Sabrina Li.

The difficulty in the case was that our client could not leave the United States without triggering two separate immigration bars due to his unlawful presence and removal order. Moreover, he could be stuck outside of the United States for years if these issues were not resolved. This was not a viable option for our client, who had four U.S.-citizen children and a U.S.-citizen wife who depended on him.

Our experienced team created a strategy to assist our client in obtaining an immigrant visa to obtain permanent residence in the United States. First, we filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to obtain a clear picture of our client’s immigration history. We thereafter filed an application to get his seven-year-old I-130 to the National Visa Center. Our request was approved quickly, which allowed us to file an I-212 requesting permission for our client to reapply for admission into the United States so that he would not trigger an immigration bar for the removal order upon departing the United States.

In the client’s I-212 application, we assisted the client in gathering documents and creating an affidavit to establish our client deserved to be allowed to apply for admission to the United States. We established that our client had strong family ties and that his family would suffer if his application were not approved. We also showed that our client faced danger in his home country and that his family could not relocate with him due to that danger.

Our diligent efforts were successful and our client’s I-212 was approved! Our client was thrilled as this news was crucial to our client’s immigration future. He was now eligible to apply for a waiver of his unlawful presence. He was one step closer to finally obtaining legal status. Our client was so happy with our work that he decided to continue with our team on his journey toward his green card.

To be eligible to reapply for admission to the United States after an order of removal, an individual must:

  • Be an applicant for admission to the United States;
  • Establish they merit a grant of discretion.

If you or someone you know has encountered a similar issue and needs the assistance of qualified professionals, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We are here to help!

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