F-1 Visa Approved After Prior Revocation Due to Criminal History!
December 6, 2023

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The Law Offices of Sabrina Li is pleased to announce another successful case outcome. We invite you to delve into our client's journey.

Our client came to us seeking assistance after her F-1 visa was revoked due to her arrest on multiple occasions for charges related to assault and domestic violence. During our consultation, we assured her that there are legal ways to remain in the U.S. despite her situation. Encouraged by this, she continued her studies and focused on self-improvement. Despite the setbacks, she excelled in her academic program, completing it with honors and even securing an offer from an Ivy League institution for her master's degree.

However, the path ahead was not straightforward. Given her visa revocation, she could not simply reinstate it. She needed to apply for an entirely new visa at a consulate abroad. The stakes were high; obtaining a student visa with a criminal record, especially a conviction in the U.S., is challenging.

Our team worked diligently alongside her, leaving no detail unattended. We obtained all her certified court records related to the criminal charges and meticulously prepared her new visa application. We trained her for the visa interview, focusing on the best ways to answer the consular officer's questions. During this process, we discovered the personal and sympathetic reasons behind her arrests, which provided significant context to her situation. Despite initial administrative processing post-interview, we remained patient and eventually saw her achieve her goal of being granted an F-1 visa. The client was overjoyed when she received the news!

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) can "prudentially revoke" a visa upon receiving information about a visa holder's arrest for any crime, including domestic violence, that might render them ineligible. Even if the charges are later dropped, expunged, or result in probation, prudential revocation remains a possibility without the need for a formal conviction.

It is highly recommended that nonimmigrant visa holders seek the advice of an immigration attorney if they are charged with a criminal offense. While criminal attorneys may be sought, they often lack a comprehensive understanding of the intricate consequences of criminal arrests on one's immigration status.

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