EAD granted for individual with removal order
August 30, 2023

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The Law Offices of Sabrina Li has been successful in assisting another client. We would like to share their case with you.  

Our client came to us after he was ordered removed by an immigration judge. However, our client could not obtain the necessary documentation to be removed. Thus, after being ordered removed, our client was released by ICE under an order of supervision.  

After being released for three months, our client was desperate for a way to be able to financially support himself, so he contacted our office.  

Our knowledgeable team knew that in these situations, it is possible to obtain an employment authorization document to allow the client to work until his removal order can be executed. We helped the client apply for a work permit and showed that he had financial necessity.

Our client was so thrilled when their application was approved! He was issued an employment authorization document valid for one year.  

To be eligible for an employment authorization document after a removal order, an individual must establish:

  • They have been ordered removed;
  • They are under a valid order of supervision and have complied with the order;
  • Evidence of dependents who rely on you for support, economic necessity, or the anticipated length of time before removal.

If you or someone you know has encountered a similar issue and needs the assistance of qualified professionals, please do not hesitate to contact (213)375-8096 or email info@sabrinali.law, We are here to help!

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