Creative Solution Leads to NIW Approval within 7 Days of RFE Response Submission
August 30, 2023

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Law Office of Sabrina Li wins yet another prompt approval for our client’s National Interest Waiver (“NIW”) petition.

The client is an academic scholar with decades of experience in her field of study. She filed an I-140 petition seeking a national interest waiver, and supported her claim with hundreds of pages of documentation. A few months later, a seven-page Request for Evidence (“RFE”) was issued.

After reviewing the RFE, our legal team concluded that the central issue concerns the client’s “proposed endeavor” – in plain language, what she intends to do after obtaining green card status. This is a common issue often raised by the USCIS in both EB-1A and NIW cases.

While coming up with some sort of future plan was not that difficult, the real obstacle is to establish the plausibility and feasibility of the such plan. Like in this case, our client was unable to provide any meaningful evidence to support her proposed endeavor in the U.S. Our legal team understands the struggle. We tailored our rebuttal strategies with creative thinking.

Where no meaningful support can be provided, we look away and beyond traditional means to find the alternative. Assessing previous submissions against current country conditions, our legal team helped the client draft a new future plan that paints a clearer picture of what she intends to do that will benefit the nation and society as a whole.

Within seven days of submitting the RFE response, the client’s NIW petition was approved.

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