2021 Joint Holiday Party
January 19, 2024

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On December 18, 2021, Law Offices of Sabrina Li, CHH Law, Zhang & Zhang Law Office, and Tsong Law Group held a successful networking party at a luxury house in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Attorney Li invited professionals from different industries, including Michael, a producer from Chinese LA, Samuel, a certified court interpreter, Sunny of CPI accounting, and many former customers as well as friends. This party strengthened the close ties between the professional elites and established a better foundation for providing professional services to the Chinese community in the United States.

At the beginning of the party, Attorney Li thanked every employee of the firm for accompanying the firm in progressing together and witnessing the firm’s growth. She then asked marketing manager Catsandra, attorney Brian, paralegals Nancy and Randy to share their thoughts. Afterwards, Attorney Li also introduced her first assistant, Sherry. Sherry shared that she was grateful for the long-time mentorship from Attorney Li.

At the party, Catsandra, head of marketing, mentioned to the guests and the media that she firmly believes that with the professionalism and efficient work of Sabrina Li and the entire team, in the coming year, Law Offices of Sabrina Li will achieve greater heights in immigration law, and more immigrants will benefit from it. Law Offices of Sabrina Li handles complicated immigration cases in various states in the US. Even in the past year, the firm has witnessed customers coming to the office with a sad face at first, and then leaving with excitement and satisfaction with an approval letter. Catsandra thanks every guest who trusts Law Offices of Sabrina Li and thanks Attorney Li for her leadership. She hopes to continue to help more customers and forge stronger company partnerships.

Brian, attorney from Law Offices of Sabrina Li, shared that he has worked at the firm for nearly 4 years. From a legal assistant to a licensed attorney in New York and California, his professional ability and case handling experience has grown immensely. At the same time, continuing to help immigrants from all over the world makes him feel that the job this firm does is meaningful. He thanked Attorney Li and other team members for their help and contributions.

The team's paralegals also shared their thoughts. Nancy, legal assistant of Law Offices of Sabrina Li, who just passed the New York Bar this year, shared that she could feel the enthusiasm of every co-worker and the sense of achievement when clients’ cases get approved.

Randy also mentioned that he has assisted Sabrina Li in handling various immigration cases, giving him a deep understanding of immigration law from starting out as a law school graduate. He is very grateful to Sabrina Li for her help and mentorship.

In addition, Attorney Li also invited fellow guests and other companies to introduce themselves at the party. Attorney Li took the opportunity to thank all the guests and companies that sponsored the party. Without everyone's strong support, the party could not have been so successful.

The whole party was a joyful atmosphere. Law Offices of Sabrina Li arranged a rich and festive four-course dinner, interactive games, and the exchange of gifts. The friendship between the guests was deepened. Looking forward to the future, Law Offices of Sabrina Li will hold more gatherings and increase opportunities to share knowledge and wisdom among people in different industries.

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