Josep García

Josep García, a dedicated and passionate Paralegal at the Law Offices of Sabrina Li, brings diverse expertise and a strong commitment to serving our clients. Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, he is fluent in Spanish and Catalan, and his Colombian heritage gives him firsthand insight into the immigrant experience.

After completing his early education in Barcelona, Josep moved to Colombia with his family. He successfully finished high school and obtained a bachelor's degree in law from Santiago de Cali University. He also completed a diploma course in Criminal Law and The New Technologies. During his time in Colombia, Josep gained valuable experience working on pro-bono cases at the House of Justice of Siloe. He aspires to undergo the degree homologation process in Spain to qualify for legal practice in the country.

Joining the Law Offices of Sabrina Li marked a significant milestone in Josep's professional journey. As a Paralegal, he provides exceptional service to our Spanish-speaking clients, offering versatile support across various aspects of our operations to ensure their needs are met.

Outside of work, Josep prioritizes his physical well-being through regular exercise. He has a wide range of music interests, including pop, rock, Latino genres, and a special love for hip-hop. Socializing with friends is important to him, and he deeply values his family bonds and has a genuine affection for animals.