Chloe J. Wang
Senior Consultant

​Chloe Wang is a U.S. qualified attorney admitted by the Supreme Court of California. She received her legal education from both the United States (Common Law System) and China (Civil Law System). Having worked for almost 10 years in the immigration sector, Chloe has successfully helped over 2,000 clients from all over the world in obtaining their case approvals.

Chloe has assisted clients in the filing of waiver, family, employment, and investment-based immigration cases. She is proficient in responding RFE (Request for Evidence) and NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) and has extensive experience in working and communicating with USCIS, National Visa Center, and immigration courts.

“Everything is important - that success is in the details.” For H-1B and PERM cases, a tiny mistake could cause a client to lose their only chance. Re-filing, if possible, costs a substantial amount of time, money, and efforts. In waiver cases, efforts should be made to prove qualifying relatives’ extreme hardship, which is the key to the success of such cases. As to investment immigration cases, USCIS will scrutinize the Lawful Source of Funds, the core of EB-5 cases. In addition, Chloe is familiar with CSPA (Child Status Protection Act) and successfully helped children who “age out” upon turning 21 in obtaining their green cards.

It is worth mentioning that Chloe has extensive experience assisting clients in completing affidavits for various cases. For example, in a waiver case, if the affiant is not familiar with the decision criteria of USCIS, there is a good chance that information in favor of the case will be left out when drafting the affidavit. In times like this, the professional knowledge of an attorney is particularly important. Chloe is skilled in helping clients find their strengths and present them to the immigration officer in a clear and organized manner to increase the chances of approval for clients’ cases.

Chloe is native in Mandarin Chinese and fluent in English. She constantly strives for perfection in her work. An attorney’s obligation is to represent their clients’ best interest and look out for them. That's what she firmly believes in and how she conducts herself in practice, to be on the clients’ side, represent their wishes, fight for them, and defend their rights.


  • Loyola Law School -LL.M.
  • University of Southern California -M.Ed.​
  • Dalian University of Technology -LL.B.



  • State Bar of California